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Spring 2019
A Common Language for the Grid

Standards for network communication drive a big part of the compatibility equation for the intelligent grid, but a common approach for implementing advanced applications requires a new way of thinking about compatibility.

Winter 2018
Conquering Reliability

From new data models to self-healing technologies, utilities are planning to win the battle against outages and network disruption.

Fall 2018
Perfect Timing

Utilities are racing toward grid modernization to meet and beat regulatory and consumer demands.

Summer 2018
Voilà, Energy is Served.

Utilities are using creative strategies to engage a wide range of customers.

Spring 2018
Digital Transformation

Every energy transaction – from financial to grid maintenance – is changing thanks to distributed computing.

Winter 2017
A Changing View of Generation

The shifting view of generation: how utilities are finding new opportunities, taking on new roles and addressing new threats.

Fall 2017
The Future of Metrology

Advances in metrology: modern meters bring sophisticated measurement to more applications in order to prevent system loss, improve profits and drive efficiency.

Summer 2017
Smart Cities for a Smarter World

Roadside sensors, smart water meters, plug-in charging stations, LEED-certified building, drone technology…energy-efficient tactics are on the rise, creating the new smart city.

Spring 2017
Managing the Modern Utility

Managing tomorrow’s grid: new realities of cybersecurity, power flow, grid reliability and restructuring shape the landscape for the modern utility.